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When measuring curtains for width it is usual to double the width of your window so the curtains hang in nice folds when they are pulled closed.

create the height illusion by hanging your curtains high enough.Suspend the a few inches above the top of the window to achieve the look.

TIP: dont place your curtains right on top of hte window where your window frame starts, this can make even the best of curtains to look cheap and misfit.

The weight of the curtains you intend to hang defines the type and quality of the pole you should go for. If your drapes are heavy, go for a thicker pole or metal track should you go for a track.

For a modern look you can go for eyelet or tab-top curtains with a simple chunky or chrome pole. For curtains that have to run on a pole (tab tops – eyelets), choose a design you are happy with to be seen.

You may not need a lining If your fabric is medium to heavyweight, although Curtains hang better if you use a lining.

If your curtain fabric is sheer or very lightweight the lining would make them look too heavy and would affect the fall so ensure they dont look deformed after the use of lining. You can however go for a lighter lining fabric that does not have a natural fall. Curtain linings protect curtain fabric from fading in daylight and can also help keep out cold and draughts.

For poles there are three standard lengths – 120cm, 150cm and 180cm. You can have them cut to size for your desired width. you can also go for a Pole kit available in various DIY stores. This comes with two or more poles easy to join together with connectors.

The thumb rule for rings is one ring every 10cm of the pole width and For curtains with headed tape, fit a hook every 7.5cm. Fit the hook of the outer edge to the fixed ring on the end of the track to ensure that the curtain stays in place.

If you need a longer pole, you can buy kits where poles come in two halves joined with a connector at the central bracket.

If you dont want to use tracks for your bay windows, there are stores that provide pole bending service alternatively you can check at high street DIY stores for poles with adjustable bends.

Tab tops, ring and clips will be suspended just below the pole where as curtains from a track will have fabric just over the track. This will help determining the height of the pole or track.

Take the time to arrange the pleats of your curtains evenly before you hang them as this will help them drape well and look their best.

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